We are experienced in personal injury cases and we are able to accurately represent your interests in a wide range of personal injury claims, including dog bite injury claims. Recently, we had clients who engaged us to represent them in their personal injury claims involving dog bites. They unfortunately encountered aggressive dogs while in public spaces or going about their usual activities. By negligence of the dogs’ owners, the dogs were able to charge at our clients and bite them.


As a result of the bites, our clients had to undergo anti-tetanus and rabies vaccinations to protect themselves against further potential damages that may arise should complications develop from the dog bites. Hence, we pointed out that these were reasonable costs, in addition to monetary compensation for their pain and suffering that our clients should be entitled to claim. In each of these cases, we sent a letter of demand to the dog owner, demanding that they pay compensation to our clients for expenses incurred and damages suffered as a result of the dog bites.


We are determined to fight for a fair compensation for your dog bite personal injury claim in Singapore. For more information, please contact our expert accident lawyer, Ray Louis, at 9090 8288.