Traffic accidents can be devastating for anyone to bear. In all the claims that our Personal Injury Department has handled, there is never one that stands out like the case of Murugesan. Our team fought for our client, Murugesan, after his horrific accident. We concluded the case by managing to obtain a seven-figure sum compensation for him.


Mr Murugesan and his wife were riding their motorcycle when they were involved in an accident. A motor vehicle had collided with the rear of their motorcycle and they were flung through the air and onto the road. Subsequently both Murugesan and his wife were conveyed to the hospital via ambulance. They would spend the next few months in the hospital undergoing multiple surgeries and treatment for their injuries. Their lives after the accident would not be the same again.


Due to the said accident, Murugesan and his wife suffered from extensive injuries and pain. They had to go for multiple treatments and surgeries in the hospital in the subsequent years. They also incurred huge costs in medical invoices and were greatly inconvenienced by the repeated visits to the hospital. Up to the hearing in Court, Murugesan still suffered from residual disability and pain from the accident. He never fully recovered from his injuries.   Murugesan also lost his livelihood because of the accident. Prior to the accident, Murugesan was geared towards a promotion and in the prime of his career. He had secured a high paying job and was reaping the benefits of his employment. However, after the accident, he lost his opportunities and ability to do his work. He subsequently lost his job and had to seek alternative employments to mitigate his losses. Overnight, Murugesan lost everything that took him many years to achieve.  

What we did for Murugesan

When Murugesan first came to us to represent him, he was at a loss as to what to do. Through the many years, we journeyed with him to support him legally for his case. When it was clear through our negotiations with the insurer that he would not be getting a reasonable compensation, we brought the matter to the High Court’s attention. We drafted many legal documents to be sent to the Court and argued for his compensation. At the closure of his case and after many arduous years of hard work, we managed to obtain a seven figure compensation for Murugesan.

Being a victim of an accident can be difficult. It was difficult for Murugesan and it may be difficult for you. Here at Ray Louis Law Corporation we understand the hardships that you may suffer. We are determined to help you obtain a fair settlement for your personal injury claim. For more information, please contact our expert personal injury lawyer in Singapore, Ray Louis, at 9090 8288. Alternatively, you may contact our office, Ray Louis Law Corporation, at 6557 2725 to arrange a consultation with Ray Louis.