Raphael Louis has written two articles for the Law Gazette, ‘Confession of a Pro Bono Lawyer’ and ‘Confession of a Criminal Practitioner’ and both articles have been very well-received by his peers and public at large.



Resident sues condominium developer for negligence after e-scooter fall

The Straits Time, 7 June 2018 

An injured e-scooter rider’s legal suit against a condo developer could lead to the introduction of a regime of rules for the use of such mobility devices in condominiums.

In the High Court case, Briton John Curtis, who lived at The Glyndebourne in Trevose Crescent at the time, is suing its developer for negligence.

The Big Read: Help or hindrance? There’s a downside to posting clips of traffic incidents

Today Online, 4 February 2017 

SINGAPORE — Since his colleagues introduced him to online pages featuring traffic accidents, near-misses, inconsiderate drivers and such, Mr Toh — who did not want his full name used has submitted more than 10 video clips culled from his dashcam.

Teens on motorised bicycle land on car windscreen after crash

TNP Singapore, 4 March 2016 

The arrow to turn right had flashed green, so he drove off.

Before he knew it, a motorised bicycle shot out from the traffic junction.

There was a bang and the two teenage boys on the bicycle crashed and landed on the windscreen of his car.

Cryo treatment left her crying out in pain

Asia One, 23 August 2014

SINGAPORE – Hoping to ease the pain in her aching hips and joints, she went for a whole body cryotherapy session at an upmarket local spa last month.

The treatment involves entering a machine known as a cryosauna that releases vaporised nitrogen to lower the skin surface temperature close to freezing point.

Family sues doctors for daughter's death

Asia One, 9 August 2014 

SINGAPORE — The family of a woman inmate is suing two doctors and Raffles Medical Group, claiming that they are responsible for her death. Ms Lian Huizuan, 27, died after a drill exercise at Changi Women’s Prison where she had been serving time.

Her father said she was in prison for inhalant abuse, court documents showed.

The Big Read: Help or hindrance? There’s a downside to posting clips of traffic incidents

Today Online, 4 February 2017 (Personal Injury, Criminal Defence)

SINGAPORE – Last month, he submitted his latest clip, which showed a motorist cutting across lanes to make a turn.

Mr Toh, who has 15 years’ driving experience, said he made a habit of submitting his clips
because he wanted to warn motorists about the dangers on the roads.