Disputes with neighbours are always unpleasant and can escalate to fights. In some cases, the guilty party may be charged in court. An example of this had been reported in The Straits Times on 16 November 2016, where the accused person was charged under the Penal Code.  However, in other cases, the guilty party may not be charged by the authorities due to lack of evidence.  Two important issues may arise ie whether you are entitled to compensation and how much an amount. In such a situation, it will be wise to consult a lawyer. We set out below a case study involving a personal injury claim as a result of a fight.

Our client, Mr A, got into a verbal dispute with his neighbour which escalated into a fight and resulted in our client suffering injuries.  The police could not take substantive action against the neighbour due to lack of evidence.

We examined the evidence and thoroughly interviewed our client. We also applied for his medical report and quantified his claim which included medical expenses, pain and suffering and other head of damages. We then advised our client on the merits of his case and he instructed us to proceed with legal proceedings.

The neighbour contacted us after receiving our client’s court documents. After negotiating with the neighbour, we manage to secure a fair amount of compensation for the client. We also saved time and legal costs for our client as the case was settled without going for trial.  Needless to say, our client was pleased with the settlement and gave a good review at Singapore Legal Advice’s website, stating the following:

“Ray and Derrick were fantastic in helping me solve the case and were very responsive and detailed in explaining the legal terms to a layman like me. They were very helpful and has been a great help. Highly recommended!”

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