Beauty treatments can go wrong and produce horrifying results. Some use unconventional ways. There have also been  reports of common complaints, including botched / negligent plastic surgery.   You should ensure that only qualified persons perform the treatments, and when called for, prompt action is taken for corrective treatment.  Furthermore, you may claim compensation, preferably through a lawyer, if there is negligence.

Examples of negligence have reported in the Straits Times. One case involved a filler injection that was meant to raise a client’s nose bridge. As reported, “but the seemingly simple procedure, done by a beautician, went wrong almost immediately.  Within two days, the skin on her nose turned completely black”. 

In another case, “[a] supposedly cheaper way to plump up her lips made them lumpy instead, and she ended up having to go for surgery”.

Also, a blogger had horrifying results when she went for a facial. She felt that her skin had been ravaged.

We had a client who went for an eyebrow embroidery treatment. A cream was applied to her eyelid as part of the treatment. Immediately after that, she experienced eye irritation. She was not able to open her eyes as it was swollen. She then sought treatment from the Singapore National Eye Centre.  When she consulted us, she was concerned if it will be cost effective to hire a lawyer ie will the amount of money spent on legal costs be more than the compensation received. To allay her anxiety, we did a risk assessment and presented her with a plan to assure her that we will make every effort to settle her case within her budget and reasonable time.

After she had instructed us, we immediately got to work. We obtained all the necessary evidence and issued a letter of demand. The insurer for the beauty treatment centre appointed lawyers to defend the beauty centre. We presented the case by stating that the negligence was clear and sought a fair compensation for our client, which included pain and suffering, loss of income and medical bills. After some tough negotiations, parties came to a settlement and our client was pleased with the compensation. She posted the following review at Singapore Legal Advice:

“I would like to compliment DL for his good service and professionalism. I would like to thank you and compliment Mr Ray Louis for his great professionalism”

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