We offer our expertise in resolving personal injury claims to a wide array of clients, including those from outside of Singapore. Our ability and willingness to foster close working relationships with other solicitors overseas ensures that communication is efficient and case resolution is expedient. We accurately represent our clients’ interests and have consistently produced results that are to their satisfaction.

Recently, one of our clients had travelled to Singapore for a family holiday from Europe. She and her family visited one of our famous tourist attractions and dined at a restaurant there. However, their dining experience took an unexpected and unfortunate twist when an urn of hot tea spilled on her 6-year-old son and scalded him. While our client attended to her injured son, she was overwhelmed with worry and concern, and was not minded to take a picture of the injury scene, which the restaurant and their insurers had later said was not CCTV monitored. Our client’s son was conveyed to Singapore General Hospital and thereafter further transferred to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital for medical treatment. As a result of the hot tea spillage, he suffered scalding of his left shoulder, upper arm and the left side of his chest.

We worked closely with our client’s solicitors back in her home country. We drafted a Letter of Demand to the restaurant and their insurers to facilitate our client’s claim. Even though their insurers were willing to settle, the compensation they offered was meagre and not to our client’s satisfaction. We negotiated strategically and eventually managed to secure an offer of settlement that our client could agree with. She signed an acceptance of offer and received her compensation. Another satisfied client!

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