Motor Accidents

motor accident singapore

Motor Accidents in Singapore

All road accidents, regardless of how minor, and even if the damage is not visible, must be reported within 24 hours or by the next working day. It does not matter if you intend to claim from the insurers or Third Parties; you must still lodge a report with your insurers.

If you meet with an accident, you should take down the following particulars:

  • Registration numbers of all vehicles involved in the accident.  Take photographs of all damage caused by the accident and the scene of the accident, whether or not anyone has suffered injuries.
  • Particulars (names, NRIC, addresses and handphone numbers) of the drivers, passengers, injured pedestrians and witnesses.

What Can You Claim?

  • General damages- This compensates you for pain and suffering as a result of injuries from the accident.
  • Special damages- This compensates you for expenses incurred, e.g. costs of medical fees, transport, repairs to vehicle etc. Receipts must be kept.
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