What should you do if you meet with a motor vehicle accident?

If no one is injured, it is not compulsory to lodge a police report. However you should make an accident report within 24 hours, otherwise your “No Claim Bonus” (NCB) will be affected.

You may follow the 3 step guide recommended by the General Insurance Association (GIA) as illustrated in the Motor Claims Framework (MCF).  The MCF provides the three steps for the reporting of motor accidents:

1) a) Exchange particulars of parties involved in the accident and take note of the  vehicle numbers

b) Take photos of the scene of the accident and the damages to all vehicles

2) Call your Insurer’s Hotline for a Tow-Truck or further advice on the accident

3) Report within 24 Hours or by the next working day.

See a brochure of the Motor Claims Framework (PDF).

An accident report can be amended by the person who made it. Obtain an addendum from the insurance company, and submit it to the GIA Record Management Centre.


What If There Is Injury After A Motor Vehicle Accident?

  • Call 999 or 995 to report the accident. You can make a police report online.
  • Give assistance to the injured person if required.
  • Parties should exchange their personal particulars (names, NRIC/FIN, addresses, vehicle registration numbers, telephone numbers and insurer details)
  • Take photographs the scene of the accident.
  • For more information on how is the compensation calculated click here; for guidelines on how much you can claim, click here.
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